What Is In Cigarette Residue ?

Tue ,15 Dec 09
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When you smoke a cigarette, it doesn’t just evaporate into the air. Every cigarette you smoke leaves behind a residue. This cigarette residue soaks into curtains, walls, clothing, carpeting, and everything surrounding you. Wouldn’t you like to know just what is contained inside this cigarette residue that you are inhaling into your body?

Cigarette Residue

Here are just some of the chemicals contained in the residue that cigarettes leave behind after you have smoked it.  Arsenic, also used in rat poisons and has been used to poison people because it causes a slow, painful death when ingested.  It also contains Butane, which is an ingredient commonly found in lighter fluid.  Would you knowingly drink lighter fluid?  Most likely not! Carbon Monoxide, which when taken in high levels can make your blood unable to deliver oxygen properly to all of your vital organs.  Lead, a poisonous metal and Toluene, a chemical found in paint thinner.

If that doesn’t make you sick to your stomach, take in this fact.  Not only are you exposing yourself to these toxic elements, but you’re also exposing everyone around you.  If you smoke in your house and vehicle everyone who enters is exposed.  Think about the effect this is having on your children. 

Also, this residue is nearly impossible to get rid of and even if you quit smoking inside your home and car you almost have to replace everything to get rid of the toxic effects that are left behind.  Not only does smoking ruin health and lives, it ruins everything around you as well.

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    this is very intreasting and i hgope people just stop smoking. i hate it and there just not smoking other people are wich is 2nd hand smoke so 2 or more are second hand smoking cause of one person!!!!!!!!!!!

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