Male Celebrity Smokers | Actor Smoking List

Many male celebrities are notorious for their habit of smoking. They are frequently seen to be engaged in smoking activity.

Hollywood stars are often found to be the chain smokers. Following is a list of smoking male celebrities of Hollywood – dead or alive.

  1. Colin Farrell: An Irish heartthrob, he smokes publicly without caring anything else save his cigarette.
  2. Johnny Deep: A famous actor, who is still unable to quit smoking.
  3. Ben Affleck: A notorious chain-smoker, he takes 21 cigarettes a day.
  4. Brad Pitt: He is on his way to quit smoking because of his partner Angelina Jolie.
  5. Frank Sinatra: A popular singer, who smokes casually on public places.
  6. Johnny Cash: A famous musician and a great lover of cigarettes, he loves smoking freely during his work.
  7. Al Pacino: He is a great actor having a lot of fans in spite of smoking.
  8. Bob Dylan: A celebrity singer and an accustomed smoker, who feels no hesitation on smoking in front of his audience.
  9. Kevin Federline: An outstanding celebrity, he is also a casual smoker even on the public places.
  10. Heath Ledger: The late Australian actor was famous for his wonderful performances. He also smoked publicly during his work on sets.

The requirement is that such celebrities should try to overcome their habit of smoking as they are the role models for the society.

People especially children idealize them, so hollywood decided that they must avoid smoking during movies and sometimes even suggested to avoid the dirty habbit publicly.

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