Smoking Female Celebrities

Smoking of celebrities is a drastic issue which may be avoided because the people mostly follow these examples in society.

The following female celebrities are considered to be the chain smokers :

  1. Amy Wine house: This singer from The Great Britain is a chain smoker from the point that she is often sighted smoking at public places freely.
  2. Paris Hilton: The blonde singer- com- actress is regarded an accustomed smoker because she smokes in the public places like hotels, bars and on the dance floors.
  3. Nicky Hilton: She is the sister of Paris Hilton and a famous designer of bags & clothes. Many posters of her prove her to be a habitual smoker.
  4. Lindsay Lohan: Famous for being a child star and engaged in the bad habit of smoking since her early childhood, unable to achieve the task to quit smoking.
  5. Naomi Campbell: She is a super model from UK and her popularity is due to her love for smoking.
  6. Cameron Diaz: An outstanding and the richest actress of Hollywood, she in helpless against her habit of smoking.
  7. Drew Barrymore:  She is notorious for her visits to socially backward places and her unusual love for smoking. She also failed in her attempts to quit smoking.
  8. Sienna Miller: This actress from The Britain has also been seen indulging in the habit of smoking.
  9. Britney Spears: This pop singer has also great love and love for smoking.

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