Smoking And Your Heart, Know The Facts

Wed ,23 Dec 09
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Smoking Heart EffectsIt is no secret that the effects of cigarette smoking can cause damage to your heart.  Your heart is pumping blood to every part of your body and along the way it is picking up wastes.  This includes cigarette smoke.  It is a common misconception that the biggest killer of cigarette smokers is cancer, but it’s not.  It’s heart disease.  Smoking and your heart are not compatible companions, making it important to stop smoking, today!

The carbon monoxide contained in tobacco smoke can lead to an inadequate blood supply.  This causes the heart to work faster in order to get an adequate supply of oxygen.  Smoking also causes your heart rate to increase drastically, which can lead to a sudden heart attack.  Smoking increases the buildup of plaque in your arteries (Atherosclerosis) causing a narrowing that restricts blood flow to your heart.  Over time, this causes Coronary Artery Disease and even strokes.  It increases your blood pressure, which can lead to sudden heart failure.

Each year, in the United States alone, cigarettes are responsible for up to a third of all deaths from heart disease, according to the American Heart Association. Of the approximately 440,000 annual deaths caused by smoking each year, about 180,000 are related to heart disease.  That’s pretty scary statistics, and a good reason to put them down, today!

If you didn’t know before now that smoking and your heart don’t mix it’s time you learned the truth.  By quitting smoking now, you can spare yourself from all of this and dramatically lower your risk for heart disease. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, however what is guaranteed is that if you continue smoking it will shave precious years off your life!

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