How Many People Die an Hour Smoking

Thu ,10 Dec 09
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Smoking KillsHow many people die an hour smoking?  You’ll be astounded to know that the answer to that question is fifty people every hour in the United States!  Nicotine is the chemical substance contained in tobacco and is strongly addictive, as it acts on the central nervous system. Smoking tobacco is habit forming; the inhalation of tobacco smoke accelerates the development of heart disease, damage to the blood vessels, stomach, and lungs.  It is also proven to lead to multiple forms of cancer, especially lung cancer.  

Tobacco use is a major cause of death and disease in this country. In fact, 1,200 people die each day, and 440,000 die each year of diseases and health problems they develop as a result of smoking, like cancer, strokes, or heart disease.

People can also be affected by the smoke from other people’s cigarettes. This is called second-hand smoke and it can be just as detrimental to one’s health. There are about 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke and almost 70 of them cause cancer in humans. Because of this danger to non-smokers, there are now laws being enacted that prevent people from smoking in public places like restaurants, schools, job sites, on airplanes or in public buildings.

The number of people that are dying per hour due to smoking will definitely blow your mind.  If you are a smoker, your chances for death can be drastically reduced by quitting.  No, it won’t be easy, or fun, but if you want to add years back onto your life, it has to be done!

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